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108811, Moscow, Moskovsky village, Kievskoe highway, 22 kilometer, 6/1
Comcity Office Park, Building A4b

Tel: +7 495 729-5170
Fax: +7 495 729-5152

How to get to Comcity Office Park, Building A4b

By foot

Exit the first car from the center. After exiting the subway on your right you will find BP Rumyantsevo. Go straight ahead and then cross the road, turning right. Follow the path in the direction of the dark-grey glass buildings of the Comcity Office Park.

You need to get to the building A4b. To get there, turn right and walk along the building past A2 parking to the revolving door in front of building A4.

Go through the revolving door and you will find yourself in the Comcity shopping gallery. Go down the stairs to the fountain. Turn right and walk to the escalators on your right and left past the Grusha Café and Food Room. Go up the right escalator to the main reception area.

By car

GPS coordinates for navigator: 55.635253,37.431516 55°38'7.998"N, 37°25'56.208"E
Coordinates for Google and Yandex maps: 55.635253,37.431516

Approximately 2 kilometers from Moscow Ring Road go along Kievskoe Highway towards the region and you will see Rumyantsevo Business Park on your right. After passing under the road junction with the U-turn to Moscow, turn right to the office park Comcity and keep left. The Comcity office park building should be on your left.

Parking Information

Parking/stopping outside the loading/unloading zones is prohibited in the Comcity office park.

In order to enter and park in the covered parking area of buildings A2 and A4 of Comcity Office Park, you need a pass, to get one you need to contact an employee of Systematica Group.

Delivery service cars as well as those which are higher than 1.9 m for the purpose of loading and unloading may use Unloading Zone 2. The allowed time in the unloading zone is 30 minutes. The driver (or the courier) can leave the car in the unloading zone 2 and then go through the technical corridor to the shopping gallery of Comcity office park or go through the gallery to the reception of Systematics Group located in building A4b to meet an employee.

You can also use the guest paid parking A5 in the 2nd level. Restriction on the height of the car to enter the parking - 1.9 m. The time of stay at the guest paid parking without paying is 15 minutes. If your stay in this parking will be more than 15 minutes, you must pay in accordance with the current rates and regulations.