It is important for us to make our employees feel secure and confident in the future and understand their career prospects in order to become most effective at work and cope with any challenges.

GCS is one of the leading Russian IT holdings with 30 years’ history. The Group consists of 11 successful companies and implements projects on the Russian and international markets.

To be confident in their future and career prospects allow employees:

  • Market-appropriate wage levels and flexible bonus systems;
  • Flexible work schedule;
  • Own working PC;
  • Participation in large-scale international projects;
  • Professional development opportunities and advanced and corporate training
  • Comcity is an A-class office park with a developed ecosystem and a beautiful area for walking. It includes a fitness center, a pharmacy, stores, cafes, a dry-cleaner, a beauty and florist shop, a travel agency, offices of notary, household and other services;
  • Loyalty programs with the holding partners.

GCS Team

The main task of GCS is to accumulate advanced business and IT practices and technologies. For this purpose, we select and raise the best specialists who are aimed at the constant search for new knowledge and interesting solutions and strive to be leaders in their business. There’s a lot to learn from professionals employed and raised by GCS.

  • Marina Tishina
    Vice President of Strategic Project Management


    I got hired 20 years ago. I worked my way up from Project Manager to Vice President of Strategic Project Management.

    There were many different projects: computer equipment supply throughout Russia via complex logistics, ERP system implementation, organization of service maintenance of territorially distributed structures, construction of fiber-optic communication lines. It was difficult but interesting. It was very important that my supervisors trusted me and helped me in the first stages of any project, encouraged my initiative and always said that they believed in me, and I could manage everything!

    Successful project management is impossible without the support of colleagues. One of my main principles when forming a team: no one should be guided by the idea that this is not his responsibility.


    There are no desperate situations. Never give up.

  • Vitaly Voytsekhovich
    Deputy Commercial Director of RST-Invent


    I started working as an IT support specialist back at the department of MGUPI, then I learned the basics of project management according to PMI standards and came to the RFID department of Systematica as a project manager. Here I successfully started in sales.

    In 2011, the RFID Department in cooperation with RUSNANO created the company "RST-Invent", where I continued to work as a sales manager, afterwards ended up as the position of Deputy Commercial Director.

    "RST-Invent is one of the leading players on Russian RFID market, which gives us the opportunity to influence the development of this market. It's a great place for me to grow and fulfill myself!


    Always learn, even when it seems that you already know everything.

  • Dmitriy Zavrazhnov
    Individual Entrepreneur


    I joined Landata (part of GCS) in 2007 as a programmer and was one of the initiators of the company website migration to commercial CMS 1C-Bitrix, and later the implementation of a corporate portal and other web resources. GCS helped me to grow professionally, as well as more deeply immersed in the ideology of 1C-Bitrix platform, and later it became the basis of my own business.

    In 2015 I decided to become an individual entrepreneur and engaged in website development, implementation of Bitrix24, SEO optimization, context advertising, signed a partnership agreement with 1C-Bitrix, and after some time I took on the service of several key GCS websites. Today I support web-sites of more than 20 clients at a time.  We still have partnership relations with the GCS, my colleagues can always rely on me and ask for help or advice on any matter related to web-development.


    Never slam doors and keep human relationships.