Group Milestones

GCS holds a leading position in the IT industry. The Group possesses advanced technologies and competences, develops products and services for the project portfolio.

  • 2021: Creation of cloud provider, a next-generation provider, offers customers cloud solutions for digital evolution and sustainable business development.
  • 2021: HeadPoint became a Skolkovo resident
    HeadPoint, a company that offers integrated solutions for the creation of geographically distributed video monitoring systems and the industrial IoT, based on its own InOne modular integration platform, became a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.
  • 2020: GCS Structure Changes
    Consyst Business Group, Sciener and TOPS Consulting are no longer part of the GCS structure.
  • 2019: Analytical Platform Triafly Is Included in the GCS Product Portfolio
    Triafly is a Russian BI-platform created by Trusted Environment. Triafly allows to systematize the collection, processing, analysis, storage and visualization of large amounts of data. Triafly provides reporting and decision support based on modeling and forecasting.
  • 2018: GCS creates an Integrated Security Systems and Anti-Terrorist Protection Department
    The new department develops and implements the most advanced and innovative solutions in security systems integration. (Integrated security system department)
  • 2017: GCS Rebranding
    The company chose a new corporate identity and logo that corresponds to the slogan "unity of diversity".
  • 2015: Foundation of Systematica Consulting
    The development and promotion of the SiTex instrumental platform, business project of the Systematica company, led to the foundation of a separate company, Systematica Consulting.
  • 2015: GCS and LANIT Presented the Joint Consulting Group of Companies Consyst Business Group
    Consyst Business Group was created on the basis of TOPS Consulting, LANIT Consulting, LC Europe and Sciener. The new group of companies combines experience in management consulting, development, implementation and service maintenance of IT solutions in the oil and gas, energy, banking, insurance, retail, telecommunications, industrial and public sectors in Russia, CIS countries and Europe.
  • 2015: Moscow GCS’s Offices United in Comcity
    GCS completed its move to the Comcity Class A office park in spring 2015. Thus, all companies of the Group are now located in one office space.
  • 2013: Foundation of HeadPoint
    HeadPoint was formed in 2013, a Russian developer of the InOne IoT platform and digitalization integration solutions for the financial, manufacturing, retail and public sectors.
  • 2013: TopS BI and AND Project Merged under the TOPS Consulting brand
    TopS BI and AND Project merged in 2013. The aim was to consolidate consulting competencies: developing and implementing IT business solutions for large and medium-sized companies from finance, insurance, energy, industrial holdings, distribution, retail and others.
  • 2012: New RFID Manufacturing in the Leningrad Region
    RST Invent Ltd. has launched its own production of RFID tags and equipment.
  • 2012: GCS Merges with STEP LOGIC
    GCS acquired 100% of the share capital of STEP LOGIC in the spring 2012. As a result of the merger, the group acquired a strong and experienced IT and network infrastructure integrator.
  • 2011: Cooperation with RUSNANO JSC
    RUSNANO JSC became a GCS co-investor of RST Invent, the leader of the RFID market in Russia.
  • 2011: Acquisition of Sciener
    In 2011, we acquired 86% of the share capital of Sciener, one of the key SAP integrators in the Russian energy industry.
  • 2010: Foundation of RST-Invent LLC
    The basis for the foundation of RST Invent was the development of competencies in radio-frequency identification (RFID) within the department of the RFID project office of the company Systematica
  • 2008: Acquisition of Landata and Ensys Technologies
    GCS acquired 100% of Landata and 86% of the share capital of Ensys Technologies. Landata is a large Russian distributor of telecommunications and computer equipment and integrated IT solutions. Ensys Technologies specializes IT solutions for the energy industry. This acquisition expanded the Group's presence in the regions. GCS was recognized as the best IT company of 2007 by RBC in early 2008.
  • 2007: Foundation of the Group
    GCS (Systematica Group JSC) was founded as a result of the merger of Systematica, AND Project and TopS BI in 2007.
  • 2004: Aquarius Data Has Been Renamed Systematica
    The company focuses on the development, implementation and maintenance of complex information systems and infrastructure solutions on federal and regional levels.
  • 2001: Foundation of TopS BI
    TopS Business Integrator (TopS BI) was formed as a result of the restructuring of TopS System Integrator (TopS) and the separation of its distribution business.
  • 1997: Foundation of AND Project
    The company specializes in creation of effective business solutions based on modern information technology.
  • 1991: Foundation of TopS
    TopS unites two directions - traditional distribution and integration of enterprise information system and increasing of business efficiency.
  • 1988: Foundation of Aquarius Data
    The main activities of the company are the production and supply of computer equipment to corporate customers.