Center of Import Substitution Competences

  • Technology Independence
    Assistance in making a high-quality migration to Russian IT solutions
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Many years of experience in integrating our own IT products with other Russian and foreign systems allows us to promptly deploy solutions in accordance with our customers' requests and needs. GCS acts as a single point of responsibility ensuring implementation and support.

Under sanctions pressure, GCS is ready to develop a plan for customers to switch to Russian Software and Equipment, including the one compatible with the existing IT Infrastructure. Our specialists will implement the proposed plan, ensuring uninterrupted functioning of the customer's business processes.

  • Development Area

    Since 2004, GCS has been developing its own products, taking into account the specifics of Russian enterprises

  • Domestic Software Registry

    19 products developed by the GCS are included in the Register of Russian Software

  • Complete integration from A to Z

    Deployment of our products and solutions in the customer's IT landscape, system integration, technical support

Software & Platforms

We will consult and answer your questions. For urgent issues, please contact Anastasia Stavisskaya, GCS Marketing Director +7 903 588-96-75 |

IT Infrastructure

We will consult and answer your questions. For urgent issues, please contact Anastasia Stavisskaya, GCS Marketing Director +7 903 588-96-75 |

Custom Development and Integration

We will consult and answer your questions. For urgent issues, please contact Anastasia Stavisskaya, GCS Marketing Director +7 903 588-96-75 |
  • Artem Grishkovsky
    Commercial Director, Trusted Environment

    The issue of creating information-analytical systems of regional situation centers in the current realities is more acute than ever. On the one hand, Western sanctions against Russia impose restrictions on budget expenditures in terms of automation, on the other hand, the need to quickly see and manage the objective picture is growing.

    In this situation, the federal authorities need complete and timely information from the regions, while the regions themselves need not only to possess such information, but also to have tools for its timely receipt and processing in order to make decisions.

    The time for decision-making in a crisis situation is considerably shorter - problems must be solved quickly.  In the Bryansk and Vologda regions, the Triafly platform is used for this purpose.

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  • Alexander Khechumov
    Cloud Product Director,

    An increased demand for cloud services within the Russian Federation has appeared on the market. We are receiving requests from partners for cloud services and storage services, including domestic solutions such as video conferencing and machine learning. So far there is enough storage capacity, there is no shortage. The demand for Russian cloud services will undoubtedly increase due to several factors: Russian companies are leaving foreign providers, businesses have no time to create their own infrastructure solutions, it is difficult to buy server equipment for customers, and the need to use domestic solutions, both those that require infrastructure deployment and those offered by cloud providers on IaaS, PaaS and SaaS models. We are developing domestic solutions and have a sufficient stock of equipment to meet the demand.

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  • Dmitry Evdokimov
    CEO, HeadPoint

    Import substitution, of course, also applies to IoT. Especially now. And while everything is developing quite actively at the application system level, there are big problems at the level of technology localization and device production.

    We need active financial and organizational support from the government, including at the level of fundamental tasks for the production of microelectronics, design and automation tools. It is also important to provide more open information to customers, what technologies or software solutions are available under the import substitution program, what practical tasks they solve, and what is needed for implementation.

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  • Alexander Lishnevsky
    Head of the Directorate for Banking Structures, Systematica

    Our main goal is to provide customers with a step-by-step transition to Russian software and equipment that is compatible with their existing IT Infrastructure. Now it is very important to inform companies about existing solutions. We have already created a methodology for product replacement and support of the existing IT Infrastructure. Our competence center includes IT Infrastructure Analysis, including the current status of IT Equipment and System Software, IT Process Research, Analysis of the composition of the used equipment and software, selection of alternatives and transition plan to ensure uninterrupted operation of key business processes. We help you adapt to the new environment as quickly as possible.

  • Ilya Melnik
    Commercial Director, RST-Invent

    RST-Invent is ready to offer an alternative to Impinj and Zebra equipment that has suspended operations in Russia and Belarus.

    We have always paid great attention to the adaptation of our software for the models of different manufacturers to provide our customers with maximum flexibility in the choice of equipment. In the current circumstances this flexibility is very important.

    Although we sincerely hope the situation will stabilize as soon as possible, we are already ready to offer our customers alternative solutions. Chainway, Newland, Urovo and Senter equipment has been and is used extensively in projects of all kinds and complexity.

  • Vadim Zlobin
    CEO, Systematica Consulting

    In federal projects, we are already quickly building composite applications from a set of in-house developed services that we already have in our microservice product line. Our teams have proven that they can quickly refine functionality and deploy large-scale systems in a short time. This is a good foundation for expansion in large projects to create and implement digital cloud platforms. About ten regions of the Russian Federation continue to work actively with our project teams to develop information systems and state portals based on SiTex.

  • Andrey Zaripov
    CEO, National Platform

    We developed the Ma-3 ERP-platform, which provides import substitution of foreign counterparts in the segment of automation systems for organizations and enterprises in various industries: industry, finance, and educational institutions.

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