GCS adheres to high standards of corporate management. The executives have many years of experience and have been effectively implementing the Group's growth and development strategy since its foundation in 2007.

Leonid Goldenberg
Group President since 2008. Leonid Goldenberg is responsible for the Group's overall strategy, business, organizational development and corporate governance at the highest level.
Evgeny Lachkov
Senior Vice President of GСS since 2009. Evgeny Lachkov oversees the sales management unit, as well as the development strategy and diversification of the Group’s business.
Yuri Kantarovsky
Senior Vice President of the Group since 2014. Yuri Kantarovsky is responsible for the development of promising directions and new markets. Yuri Kantarovsky oversees the Group's interaction with a number of strategic customers and vendors, and carries out representative functions.
Andrey Kudryavtsev
Group Executive Vice President since 2012. Andrey Kudryavtsev coordinates the general management of the Group companies. Andrey Kudryavtsev is responsible for HR policy and large internal corporate projects. Andrey Kudryavtsev monitors compliance with procedures and rules in financial management and managerial accounting.
Alexander Martynov
Senior Vice President of GСS since 2013. Alexander Martynov is responsible for product policy and development of the Group’s relationships with key vendors, including overseeing internal contract management procedures with vendors, such as audits, reporting and compliance with regulations.