Competencies & Solutions

Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency

Energy saving and energy efficiency are now included in the five strategic directions of priority technological development of the Russian Federation. In this regard, these issues have recently been receiving more and more attention at the state, regional and local government levels.

Key Areas

Conducting energy audits

  • Identification of fuel and energy resources savings.
  • Development of mechanisms to achieve these savings at the facility for several years.
  • Preparation of a report, energy saving program and energy passport based on the results of the energy audit.

Energy Saving Programs Development

  • Providing a complete set of effective energy saving measures.
  • Development and updating of programs for municipalities or regions, as well as for industrial enterprises and commercial sector consumers.
  • The development is made taking into account all the requirements of the current legislation.

Heat Supply Schemes Development

  • An integral component in the energy planning of territories, developed for a 15-year period.

Water supply and wastewater disposal schemes development

  • Development in accordance with the territorial planning documents.
  • The water supply and wastewater disposal schemes is developed for a period of not less than 10 years.

Analytical Research

  • A survey of both a specific technical solution and market research, as well as a specific problem in the field of energy conservation.

Energy-saving technologies implementation

  • Application of modern thermal insulation.
  • Application of inertia-gravity filters-dirt separators.
Heat supply schemes for cities and settlements. How and why is it done?