Competencies & Solutions

Xeon Smart Pole

About the Solution

Xeon Smart Pole is a modern integrated solution for building territorial smart city systems.

A single design and construction combine lighting, video surveillance, alerting and sounding, emergency communication, access to the global network in crowded places:

  • Parks;
  • Airports, railway stations, sea and river ports;
  • The metro entrances, rapid off-street and ground transport;
  • Transfer and transportation hubs;
  • Complex built-up housing estates.
Xeon Smart Pole Features
  • Lighting. Energy-saving LED lighting with savings of up to 85% of electricity consumption. Ability to connect to the outdoor lighting control system of the territory.
  • Emergency call. Operational communication with security and medical services. Video image of the caller's face on the monitor of the video phone in the operational headquarters, the possibility of recording a video message for subsequent investigation of the incident.
  • Lighthouse. Ability to remotely activate the local light alarm on the occurrence of incidents.
  • Video monitoring. Round-the-clock video monitoring of the territory with the ability to control the rotary video camera, selecting and targeting the object. Ability to form video archives, automatic response of technical means and law enforcement services.
  • Sound and radio. Background music and informational sound. Coordination with voice announcement.
  • Wi-Fi. Organization of public wireless Internet access from personal mobile devices.
  • Design. The basis of the pillar structure - two-sectional tube (steel / aluminum) with a diameter of 200 mm, in the inner space which accommodates electrical equipment and components of telecommunications systems to provide the necessary connections and video and other data transfer. The longitudinal rails of the aluminum section allow you to choose the height of installation of the required height of the attachment equipment.
  • Modular configuration. Ability to add functionality depending on the requirements of the territory.
  • System integration. Product readiness for integration into the territorial security system, connection to centralized video surveillance, automatic telephone exchange, lighting systems, urban environmental monitoring.
  • Variability. Customized arrangement of the product in a wide variety of attachment and built-in components.
  • Budgeting. A set of technical components from different manufacturers (vendors), taking into account the financial capabilities of the project.
  • Aesthetics and services. Organic appearance, blending in with the exterior, coloring and branding the base of the support (additional inscriptions to attract attention along the body of the column, plaques and stickers).
  • Import substitution. Support elements are developed and produced in the Russian Federation together with the manufacturer of lighting equipment Brightelec.
  • Ready-made solutions. Integrated support of design and construction.