Competencies & Solutions

Transport Planning and Modelling

GCS offers:

  • A range of transportation planning services for Russian regions, municipalities, urban and rural settlements.
  • Transportation services for major sporting events, including advance infrastructure preparation for a comfortable and safe event, as well as the organization of all transportation services.
Transport Planning and Modeling for Cities and Regions

In developing transportation planning documents, we strive to maintain a balance between regulations, resources, existing realities and desired perspectives in order to provide each city with a real working tool that will ensure sustainable development, increase the transport accessibility of city districts and the comfort of using public transport, improve road safety and reduce the negative impact of transport on the environment.

To predict the parameters of transport system development as part of the development of transport planning documents the creation of transport models is essential, allowing a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the effects of various scenarios for the transport and urban development of cities and regions.

Transport planning documents development:

  • Programs for the integrated transport infrastructure development.
  • Integrated schemes for the road traffic control.
  • Integrated schemes for the public transport service.
  • Development of regular transportation of passenger transport.
  • Development of traffic management projects, assessment and audit of road safety.
  • Development of parking space development programs.

Macro and micro simulations:

  • Simulation of traffic and pedestrian flows.
  • Creation of three-dimensional transport simulation models of roads, junctions and other transport facilities.
  • Optimization of route networks and public transport schedules.
  • Simulation of mass events and development of evacuation schemes for emergencies.

Intelligent transport systems:

  • Development of programs for the introduction of intelligent transport systems, including automated traffic control systems (ATCS), and other documents.
  • Development of the conceptual project of the intellectual transport system of the urban agglomeration.
  • Development of the technical project of the intellectual transport system of the urban agglomeration.
Operational Transport Management for Mass Events

Our experience in preparing and holding large events allows us to use an expert approach in planning and implementing transport services for events of any level and scale, while ensuring a high level of quality transport services for all client groups of the event.

The key experience of the GCS team:

Development and approval of plans and schemes:

  • Transportation service plan for the event.
  • Temporary traffic management schemes.
  • Traffic routes for client and service groups of the event.
  • Schemes of technical means of traffic organization.
  • Schemes of parking areas, vehicle access areas, boarding and unloading, parking and turnaround areas.
  • Schemes of staff placement.

Material and human resources:

  • Calculation of the required forces and the placement of traffic management equipment.
  • Installation / removal of traffic management equipment.
  • Marking / demarking of temporary road markings.
  • Staff recruitment, training and work organization.

Client services organization:

  • Organization of transfers to places of accommodation.
  • Organization of bus service for the event.
  • Organization of transport areas (transport checkpoints, parking lots, shuttle boarding and drop-off areas, cabs, etc.).