HeadPoint: InOne IoT platform controls the operation of refrigeration equipment at Pyatoyrochka

30.06.2022 News

HeadPoint (part of GCS) has implemented a refrigeration equipment settings control system (RACS) in the stores of Pyatyorochka (part of X5 Group), one of the largest Russian retail chains. The system was implemented on the basis of InOne IoT platform developed by HeadPoint.

More than 300 000 monitoring units and controllers of refrigeration equipment of different manufacturers are installed in Pyatoyrochka stores. Controlling the operation of so many devices and dozens of different operating parameters specific to each model of equipment is impossible without automating the processes of telematics data processing, identifying deviations in operating modes and interacting with service companies.

HeadPoint proposed a solution - a system of refrigeration equipment settings control (RACS) based on its own IoT platform InOne.

"Ensuring the optimal operation of refrigeration equipment in retail stores and distribution centers is a critical task for business, because it helps minimize losses due to spoilage of products, as well as provide significant energy savings - the share of refrigerators in the store's energy consumption can be up to 60%. As a result of the RACS system implementation the energy efficiency of refrigerator use has increased significantly, operational costs and repair and maintenance periods have been reduced, equipment operation modes have been optimized," - noted Ivan Borisov, head of the Pyatyorochka retail chain technical expertise and audit.

RACS automatically monitors equipment according to various criteria, starting from correctness check of controllers' names or obtaining data on certain parameters to complex checks when the value of one parameter depends on the particular operating mode of the equipment or actual values of other parameters. The system generates a single event log for the entire fleet of equipment, where all detected violations are recorded. If necessary, the RACS automatically adjusts the parameters, checks for elimination of the violation or notifies the service organization of the need to adjust the equipment.

Pyatoyrochka specialists can flexibly manage the composition of rules for checking equipment using the interfaces of RACS: connect new regions or separate objects to the monitoring, run checks on a selected list of controller models or set the necessary conditions for specific parameters.

Dmitry Evdokimov, CEO of HeadPoint: "The InOne platform made it possible to unify and automate the processes of monitoring the operating parameters of the refrigeration equipment and to implement automatic change of operation modes when violations are detected, as well as to significantly reduce the load on the service organizations and employees of Pyatyorochka retail chain, who are responsible for the equipment operation."

Automatic correction of parameters for changing equipment operation modes is implemented in the system - now in case of detecting any deviation of the monitored parameter value from the set testing rules the changes in equipment operation settings happen almost immediately, without the need for the service company specialist to come to the site. Full integration with the corporate Service Desk is also provided - the RACS creates tickets with details of violations and automatically closes them if the parameters are normal. In the case of inactivity of the service organization, the ticket will be prioritized and penalties will be applied to violators.

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