National Projects of Russia: On the Guard of Business Optimization

19.07.2022 News

In honor of the birthday of the Russian Information Technology Development Foundation, the portal nationalprojects.rf prepared an article entitled "Not Without IT: What Projects Companies Get Grants for". Alexander Lishnevsky told about the analytical system of the Process Mining class, SvoyRM, which is being implemented with the help of a grant from the Russian Information Technology Development Foundation.

Systematica is a leading provider of integrated IT solutions and services on the Russian market. For more than 20 years its employees have been engaged in implementation of information technologies for optimization of business processes of different enterprises. This year the company received a grant from the Russian Information Technology Development Foundation for the launch of its project.

Alexander Lishnevskiy, head of the directorate for work with banking structures of the company Systematica:

"Our project is called "Development of an analytical system for monitoring business processes of enterprises of the Process Mining class "SvoyRM". This system, using the technology of reconstruction and analysis of business process models on the basis of digital footprints, will build digital twins of enterprise processes. In addition, it will help to identify the actions of participants in the process, which led to a deviation of a particular indicator from the target values, to compare input and output data, as well as to find and optimize bottlenecks. This technology is applicable, for example, to optimize production, technological processes, procurement, and service. The development of the project will be completed in the summer of 2023.

We express our gratitude to the Russian Information Technology Development Foundation for the support, positive evaluation of our project and the opportunity to implement it. This year the IT market is undergoing serious changes and reorientation towards import substitution, so support from the state is necessary. The "SvoyRM" system will have the functionality demanded in the market. Moreover, it is able to replace the foreign software of the similar class".

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