Navicon and Trusted Environment entered into a strategic partnership

17.07.2022 News
Navicon customers will have access to tools for operational multidimensional analysis and visualization of data of any size. Navicon plans to implement Triafly primarily in government companies, banks and businesses with prescribed regulations and reporting processes.

The system is a scalable web application in which you can collect, process and visualize large volumes of data, as well as build reports in various sections. Regular report forms and presentations with data updated online at any level of detail are provided. The interfaces of ready-made reports can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

The system supports versioning: changing data and metadata, calculation and aggregation. Retrospection tools allow you to freely view and use archived information. In addition, thanks to the platform's rapid multidimensional data processing technology, hypotheses can be tested and cause-effect relationships in the data can be identified.

Several company divisions can work within the same platform - they get access to Triafly via a web interface. And users are not tied to a desktop - the solution is adapted for mobile devices. Data is displayed on convenient interactive dashboards, which can display an unlimited number of graphs and reports.

Nikita Soldatov, BI&DWH implementation project manager at Navicon:

"Triafly is one of the few Russian self-service analytical products. The platform is a set of constructors, which can be customized without complicated programming. Thanks to this our clients will be able to use advanced analytical tools even without a large staff of professional IT specialists, and support balanced management decisions."

Vladimir Borbotko, Head of Partner Channel Development Unit, Trusted Environment:

"Triafly is not just a BI solution, but a full-fledged analytics ecosystem that transforms huge amounts of unstructured data from various sources into understandable, accessible reports, visualizations and presentations in real time. Thanks to our solution and Navicon's deep industry expertise, government organizations and large companies with well-established reporting processes and routines will be able to transition effortlessly to a data driven approach."

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