CNews Analytics "IT market: 2021 results"

21.06.2022 News
As part of CNews Analytics review "IT Market: Results of 2021" GCS speakers told about what awaits the Russian IT market in the new conditions, forecasts and trends.

Vadim Zlobin, CEO of Systematica Consulting, speaks about the high demand for IT solutions at the federal level due to the trend towards centralization of IT infrastructures: cloud platform solutions were actively created and launched.

"The market will struggle with shocks associated with disruptions in the supply chain of computing and software in areas where import substitution has not passed, but in general trends will remain the same. The need to build flexible cloud infrastructures and applications is growing steadily among government customers, state corporations and commercial entities," says Vadim Zlobin.

You can read the review "IT Market: Results of 2021" here.

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