Expert Ural: Triafly helps prevent floods

17.07.2022 News
The Vologda region is ready to share with other Russian regions its successful experience in flood prevention and damage prevention during the flood period using digital solutions. The secret of success is in the development and implementation of the "Floods" module of the regional state information system of the Governor's Situation Center.

For the Vologda region the problem of floods is very serious: every spring and autumn there are about 20 flood zones, where there are more than a hundred settlements with more than 20 thousand inhabitants. Due to the low level of consolidation of data from the various federal, regional and municipal agencies, there were periodic questions that required rapid solutions: where to build a dam, where to blast ice and ice-cutting work, for which rivers need to deepen beds, in which areas near bodies of water to prohibit construction, where to organize temporary accommodation, etc.

As part of the "Floods" module development, data collection from all services into one system was automated, the received data is visualized on the dashboards (interactive information panel), data analysis, operational monitoring, situation modeling and forecasting, control of execution of orders is carried out.

As a result, a single information space was created, the time costs of interagency data exchange and information processing reduced by 30%, operational information is provided to all decision-making officials. Instrument for tracking of key indicators of flood development, control over execution of instructions and preventive measures was created, data marts and reports were set up, which allows to increase efficiency and quality of made decisions based on data. Due to modeling and forecasting of development of flooding situation, costs of elimination of emergency consequences were reduced by 10 - 20%. Timely informing citizens living in flood zones and providing full information on the development of the flood situation in the region contributed to the reduction of social tension. 

The "Floods" module, among other solutions, is based on the Russian analytical platform "Triafly" (developed by the Moscow IT company "Trusted Environment"). The platform is universal, it has been used since 2015 to generate analytical reports and visualize data in various business areas. "Triafly" allows you to create solutions without programming, working only with constructors of indicators, data collection and integration, directories, forms, registers and analytical panels, obtain always up-to-date data through cloud services.

It can be used to collect data from distributed organizational structures, integrate data sources and systems, make web presentations with analytics calculated on the fly. 

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