RST-Invent implements RFID system in Vostsibneftegaz

28.06.2022 News
The first phase of the project - automation of office furniture and equipment inventory - has been completed. In the process of implementation is a system for tracking the movements of objects. Next in line is the automation of the company's warehouses.

"The client came to us with a fairly standard problem for a large company - difficulties in accounting for fixed assets. The inventory was done manually: there were errors at each stage, and the process itself took a long time.

We held a test demonstration for the client at his premises, showing him how the system worked. Based on the test results, the speed of inventory has increased by 8 times - so the client had no doubts about the feasibility of the implementation.

During the implementation of the inventory system, the idea of creating a system to monitor the movement of fixed assets came up: when all the objects are already marked for inventory, it is much easier to implement it," says Ildar Yulgushev, Head of Business Development at RST-Invent about the project.

At the moment, we are considering the possibility of further implementation of RFID technology in the Vostsibneftegaz ecosystem. In particular, we are talking about automation of warehouses and auxiliary rooms. The main task is to minimize the number of unidentifiable objects and ensure maximum accuracy and relevance of the data on the company's property stored in warehouses.

East Siberian Oil and Gas Company (Vostsibneftegaz) is a part of Rosneft Group of companies. The company is preparing for the full-scale development of the Yurubcheno-Tokhom oil and gas condensate field located in the Evenkiysky District of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and is also carrying out test production of oil.

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