RST-Invent: State support for the agro-industrial complex will accelerate the digitalization of the industry

17.07.2022 News
Within a week the State Duma will accept proposals from participants of the agro-industrial complex (AIC) on the formation of a set of measures to ensure technological sovereignty of the industry, after which it will compile a final list and set deadlines for the implementation of these measures.

The State Duma of the Russian Federation held a round table "Ensuring technological sovereignty of Russia in the agro-industrial complex". The participants of the round table proposed a number of measures necessary to ensure the technological sovereignty of Russia. The measures included the state support for strategic technological directions of the agroindustrial complex. We need to work out a package of measures for the development and state support of strategic directions of the fourth industrial revolution - artificial intelligence, Big Data, internet of things, etc., to ensure the technological leadership of Russia on the world agro-industrial complex market. The use of new technologies allows to move to a fundamentally new level of management, to significantly improve the efficiency of agricultural farms.

Ilya Melnik, Commercial Director of RST-Invent:

"According to our experience, the penetration of technology in the agricultural sector is not as deep as, for example, in the fuel and energy sector. It mainly manifests itself in the digitalization of individual elements of production, and the creation of integrated digital systems on the basis of agricultural production is still far away. There is a demand for further digitalization, although it is not very active: potential customers from the agricultural sector find it difficult to decide to change. State support for strategic technological areas of the agro-industrial complex will certainly help to accelerate this process, as well as support for end-to-end projects. It is especially important to establish effective communication between representatives of the agroindustrial complex and technology suppliers, to give farmers access to information about potential benefits from the introduction of new technologies, and for developers - to learn about the current problems of the industry that need to be solved. Accompanied by the competent improvement of regulatory and legislative frameworks, the above-mentioned measures can give impressive results in the long term. We, as a supplier of IT solutions, are ready for implementation. We are waiting for an initiative from the representatives of the agroindustrial complex."

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