Mechanical Engineering

GCS offers services for intelligent digital engineering, implementation of product lifecycle management technologies and production management systems, as well as services for the development of corporate and industry standards in the field of digital design and digital technological preparation of production for machine building companies that create complex knowledge-intensive products.

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Key Competencies

Intelligent Digital Engineering

Engineering consulting on increasing manufacturability of products and optimization of production processes for machine-building enterprises.

The result of the consulting project is a reduction in production costs and an increase in the output of products by improving the manufacturability of products:

  • Analysis of design documentation, development of proposals to improve manufacturability of products;
  • Consulting services for the application of engineering analysis, including technological processes simulation;
  • Analysis of technological documentation, development of proposals on optimizing the technology of manufacturing products;
  • Analysis of manufacturing capabilities, tooling, tools used, development of appropriate recommendations;
  • On-site support of the engineering and production personnel at each stage of the life cycle;
  • Advanced training of engineering personnel.

Implementation of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technologies

As a result of the project, the development time of the design, technological and operational documentation is reduced; the number of errors in product design is minimized; the costs for the development of design, technological and operational documentation are reduced.

Implementation of PLM systems and building core processes of machine-building enterprise on new principles:

  • requirements management based on the principles of systems engineering;
  • simulation modeling;
  • development of digital layout diagrams;
  • development of an electronic model of the product, which serves as the original design documentation;
  • implementation of engineering analysis systems (CAE);
  • development of interactive technological documentation;
  • development of interactive operational documentation;
  • development of interactive programs and test methods;
  • building a digital product support system in operation.

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Implementation of production management systems

GCS specialists implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems with special focus on the specifics of engineering enterprises, and provide full integration of ERP with product lifecycle management systems.

  • Implementation of In-Line Support Systems (ILS);
  • Implementation of a detailed shop floor planning system (APS);
  • Implementation of production feedback and operational re-planning system (MES);
  • Implementation of equipment monitoring system (SCADA) with focus on optimization of production processes.

Development of corporate and industry standards

Development of standards in the field of digital design and digital technological preparation of production, setting requirements for:

  • form of presentation of the results of design work in the form of integral associative electronic layouts of products;
  • types and completeness of electronic design documentation, the rules of development, the rules of transmission of electronic design documents;
  • the procedure for ensuring parallel associative design;
  • drawing up three-dimensional working design documentation, which is the original;
  • management of calculation data, including simulation modeling data;
  • the form of presenting the results of technological production preparation in the form of electronic models of technological processes and the order of their development;
  • the form of presentation of semi-finished products, blanks, special technological equipment and other resources in digital form;
  • the rules of organizing work on the creation of technological processes;
  • rationing of the main and auxiliary resources;
  • the order of changes in the electronic design and technological documentation.