Competencies & Solutions

Smart Manufacturing

The expertise in the market of industrial engineering, monitoring systems and IIoT consist of our experts in the key competencies.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Creating smart manufacturing, collecting data from distributed enterprise sources and combining it with existing automation systems.
  • Use proprietary IIoT integration platform to quick transition of complex systems to the next level of digitalization. Learn more about the InOne IIoT Platform
Critical Information Infrastructure Security
  • Audit of the Automated process control system compliance with information security requirements.
  • Complex design and implementation.
  • Critical information infrastructure support system.
  • Robotic solutions implementation for the effective transition of industrial enterprises to Industry 4.0.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Product control automation and production process management via the visual information analysis.
  • Monitoring the PPE of employees of the enterprise.
  • Video analytics.
Process Control Systems (MES-Systems)
  • An operational planning and production management tool.
  • Provides users with information about all production operations, as well as solving problems of synchronization, coordination, analysis and optimization of production output.
  • Control of equipment operation and production process regulations.
  • Environmental monitoring.
Predictive Analytics
  • A tool for large amounts of statistical and objective data analyzing, which helps to make accurate forecasts to control the condition of equipment, optimize the performance of production lines, predict the demand for products and improve the efficiency of operational processes.
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID Technology)
  • The system of machinery hit-and-run prevention.
  • Inventory and commodities accounting.
  • Full cycle of competencies in RFID: from the element base development to implementation and maintenance of ready-made solutions, in-house production in Leningrad region.

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Product lifecycle management at all stages - from conception to operation.
  • Effective production processes planning, control and management.
  • PLM practices based on project management, system engineering and business process architecture management.

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Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
  • Data visualization of industrial equipment, new buildings and warehouses to create virtual prototypes.
  • Personnel training and preparation for working with expensive equipment.
  • Simulation of emergency situations and practicing the rules of industrial safety.
  • Collective discussion and project demonstration for geographically distributed enterprises.
Digital Twin
  • A virtual prototype of a real production facility that collects and analyzes data during the entire life cycle of a real facility. The technology makes it possible to simulate various situations that may occur in production and avoid possible failures and force majeure.
3D Laser Scanning
  • Creation of product three-dimensional digital model. The technology provides high speed and scanning density, which makes it possible to obtain a detailed 3D model of the object with a high degree of process automation. No detail will remain unnoticed!
Engineering Systems Monitoring

Implementation of systems for the automatic monitoring of the state of systems of engineering and technical support of the enterprise:

  • Electric Power Quality Automated Control System.
  • Operational control system of switching devices in main switchboards, transformer substations, switchgears.
  • Automated system for monitoring of main parameters of energy resources and system operation parameters: gas regulating unit, boiler room equipment, water supply, individual heating unit.
  • Automation system of ventilation, air conditioning and cold supply.
  • Elevator equipment.
  • System of fire alarm, automatic fire protection and evacuation in case of fire (voice annunciation system).
  • Information and measurement system.
  • Automated radiation monitoring system
  • Data center engineering infrastructure.


  • Fast cost-effective implementation, collecting big data without interfering with equipment.
  • Model creation and convenient visualization to simplify equipment operation and maintenance processes.
  • Comprehensive analytics and recommendations to optimize operation and reduce costs.
  • Reliable reporting and objective monitoring of existing automation systems.
  • Automatic warning alerts on detected anomalies to minimize repair and maintenance costs.