Rfid tags, equipment and software manufacturer
Founded in — 2010
10 лет
on the market
successful projects
tags are produced annually at our own plant in the Leningrad region

RST-Invent is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of RFID tags, equipment and software designed for use in various spheres of life and business: manufacturing, trade, logistics, inventory, anti-counterfeiting and others.

Services & Competencies
  • R&D Production
    • Own factory for the RFID tags and RFID equipment production in the Leningrad region
    • Mass RFID components production
    • RFID solutions development
    • Unique customized solutions development for government and corporate clients
  • IT Services
    • Own laboratory for R&D
    • Development of RFID systems element base
  • IT Systems and Infrastructure Support
    • Turnkey RFID solutions maintenance
    • RFID systems integration and maintenance
  • Building IT and Engineering Infrastructure
    • Inventory
    • Industrial Security
    • RFID Commodity Marking
    • Industrial Automation
    • Vehicle Marking
    • Industry Solutions
Vendor Statuses
    Special partner
Key Projects
  • 2020
    Digitalization of the Voronezh Healthcare System
  • 2020
    Automated control of reusable containers at Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance plants
  • 2019
    Telecommunications equipment automated accounting at the Federal Tax Service of Russia (FTS)
  • 2019
    Creating a smart warehouse for Siemens Moscow depot
  • 2018
    Implementation of RFID-system for monitoring and tracking raw materials at the production lines of Philip Morris Izhora factory in the Leningrad region
  • 2018
    Best RFID project 2018 for GEOTECH Seismic
  • 2017
    Global Postal Item Monitoring System development with the use of RFID technologies of Russian Post Federal State Unitary Enterprise
Key Projects
Customer: Russian Post