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InOne IoT Platform

Proprietary development, included in the register of Russian Software
About the Solution

Integration IoT platform for rapid transition of complex systems to a new level of digitalization.

The digital platform allows you to work in a single interface with any manufacturer's equipment, protocols, and data in a variety of formats from anywhere in the world or on your corporate network via a browser or mobile app.

The InOne platform enables simple and cost-effective digital business transformation at any stage of technology development.

HeadPoint won 1st place in the Video IoT category, IoT Awards 2021.

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Functional Benefits

1. Integration with various data sources

The platform receives and interprets data from various sources: from terminal equipment to existing information systems.

2. Resilience to system development

As business grows, so does InOne. By connecting new modules to the platform, it is possible to increase functionality without significantly affecting the current architecture.

3. Vendor-independent

There are practically no technological constraints in building digital solutions with InOne due to the platform's independence from equipment or system manufacturers.

4. Scalability and Container Virtualization

The platform provides an increase in the number of connected endpoints at the expense of additional computing resources, adapting to business needs.

5. Adapters for industrial protocols are already in the platform

The platform supports a variety of industrial protocols and allows you to work with SDKs from different manufacturers.

Complete Industry Solutions

Complete industry solutions based on InOne are tested and successfully used in business.

InOne. Unified video monitoring system

The video monitoring system based on the InOne platform provides simple and convenient access to cameras and video systems installed at facilities, regardless of their size and geographical location - from regionally scaled systems to complex buildings or remote branch offices in a distributed structure.

InOne. Equipment monitoring

Ensuring reliable monitoring of equipment operation, production process regulations, compliance with safety procedures.

InOne. Monitoring of cash operations

Monitoring of cash-sorting machines: control of all cash operations (number of banknotes, denomination, time of banknotes entering the cash register, the number of accepted and suspicious banknotes, and much more).

Monitoring of cashier's activity from any camera of cash desks or customer areas: quick access to broadcasts from any camera or video recorders archives in bank branches, video fragments and detailed captions export for further study. It can be used with low-speed communication channels.

Key Projects
Customer: City Surveillance System, Moscow
Customer: The Krasnodar Region Government