Trusted Environment

Trusted Environment
Innovative conversion developments in the infocommunications field
Founded in — 2015
domestic development
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Trusted Environment is a Russian developer of Triafly, a BI (Business Intelligence) class software platform.

The company's activity is focused on development of the platform, creation of applied solutions for data analysis, decision-making support, situational management and planning.

Triafly is a Russian BI-platform, a designer of information and analytical solutions.

It allows to automate the collection, processing, storage, analysis and visualization of large volumes of data, building reports and decision support based on modeling and forecasting.

Services & Competencies
  • Own Products
    • Triafly BI Platform
    • Triafly Situation Center
    • Intelligent transport system information platform
    • Information and analytical system GIS housing and utilities module
    • Intellectual module for data collection from distributed structures
    • Visual representation and analysis of data module Jupyter NoteBook, AnyLogic
    • Budgeting system designer
    • Planning system constructor
    • Information system of work organizing with external systems from a single system - Single access point
  • IT Services
    • Architectural and technical design of solutions based on the Triafly platform
    • Materials development for project documentation
    • Training on the Triafly platform
  • IT Systems and Infrastructure Support
    • Technical support for Triafly Platform - 3rd line support
    • Warranty solution support
  • Information Systems Implementation
    • Own solutions implementation based on the Triafly Platform
    • Participation in projects using the Triafly Platform
    • Support for partners implementing projects based on the Triafly Platform
    BI Krug Gromova
    3rd place in the ranking
    BI Krug Gromova
    Award in the category "Best BI solution - enterprise-scale repository for all data with usability interface"
    CNews Analytics
    The 15th place in the "The largest providers of data analysis solutions in Russia 2020" rating
Key Projects
Customer: Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
Customer: Vologda Region Administration