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Triafly BI Platform

Proprietary development, included in the register of Russian Software
About the Solution

Triafly is a Russian BI platform constructor of information-analytical solutions. It allows you to automate the collection, processing, storage, analysis and visualization of large amounts of data, the construction of reporting and decision support based on modeling and forecasting.

About the information-analytical solution designer
  • High solution performance and scalability.
  • Hypothesis testing and cause-and-effect detection using multivariate data analysis.
  • Customize data collection processes from distributed organizational structures and its matching.
  • Solving the tasks of several company divisions within a single platform.
  • Working via an Internet browser, without installing additional software.
  • Working with versions of data and structures, a flexible system of storing indicators.
  • The platform configuration is carried out by a specialist without programming, who knows the technology of Excel spreadsheets and the subject area.
Industry Solutions

Situation centers

  • Support for rapid management decision-making.
  • Modeling the situation development, evaluation of various decision options.
  • Comprehensive information support for the company's management.
  • Quality control of the technological and production process, effective feedback when key indicators go beyond the norms.

The State

  • Control and supervisory activities automation.
  • Rapid monitoring of the decree's implementation.
  • Decision-making support for the management of key resources.
  • Forecasting the subject's development and financial stability.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of decisions.
  • Creation of regional situation centers.
How the epidemiological situation analysis solution works


  • Analysis of production losses and scrap.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the production line.
  • Analysis of the production personnel loading.
  • Analysis of resource sufficiency according to the production plan.


  • Analysis of the logistics cycle from order placement to delivery to the end customer.
  • Analysis of the completeness of the delivery terms.
  • Analysis of warehouse efficiency.
  • Analysis of the own vehicle fleet loading.
  • Analysis of goods losses on delivery, losses in the warehouse.


  • Investment project management, evaluation and control.
  • Collection, consolidation and storage of payment system information.
  • Loss assessment under various stress scenarios.
  • Maintaining and managing client files.
  • Auditability of organizational structures and review of data versioning.
Triafly analytical platform in the work of Situation Centers: tasks, solutions, benefits
Key Projects
Customer: Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
Customer: Vologda Region Administration