Public Sector

The Group's specialists accumulate experience of the best practices and develop typical solutions based on their own platforms and developments which help clients constantly to improve the quality of public and municipal administration.

GCS operates in accordance with the state standards and requirements of regulatory authorities in the field of building information systems.

Key Solutions

E-government - management of federal and regional authorities

  • Decision Support System.
  • Efficiency Monitoring Systems.
  • Area Development Management.
  • Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).
  • Conference support systems.

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Situational management

  • Forecasting and modeling systems.
  • Risk detection systems.
  • Command center for regional management.
  • Cloud-based centralized analytical data warehouses with remote access.

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Public Services - provision of public services in electronic form

  • Regional system of interdepartmental electronic interaction.
  • Internet portals of public services.
  • AIS Multifunctional Center for the Provision of State and Municipal Services.
  • AIS Control activity.
  • Electronic Social Register System.

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How does the system of public services work?

Smart and safe city - implementation of IoT technologies

  • Video monitoring for geographically distributed objects.
  • Ensuring public safety and crime prevention: rapid vehicle search, facial recognition, abandoned objects, crowds of people, etc.
  • Housing and utilities control: garbage collection, snow removal and landscaping, control of municipal equipment.
  • Parking place control.
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Application of energy-saving technologies.

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Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency in Regions, Urban Areas and Settlements

  • Conducting energy audits.
  • Development of energy-saving programs.
  • Development of gas, electricity, heat, water supply and sewage schemes, collection and disposal of municipal solid waste (SMW).
  • Development of programs for the integrated development of municipal infrastructure systems.
  • Implementation of energy-saving technologies.

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Cyber security

  • Development of organizational, administrative and operational documentation for the protection system.
  • Designing an information security system, taking into account State Standard 34.601, State Standard R 51583 and State Standard R 51624.
  • Implementation of the information security system and certification of the state information system.
  • Connection to the state system of detection and prevention of computer attacks.

Anti-crisis IT solutions in epidemiological conditions

  • Epidemiological Monitoring (COVID-19).
  • Providing digital pass.
  • Construction of fast-mounted medical buildings.
  • RFID tracking of used medical instruments.
  • Monitoring of personal protective equipment (PPE) and personnel in the "red zone".
  • City video surveillance system for movement tracing of persons in quarantine.

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