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SiTex Platform

Proprietary development, included in the register of Russian Software
About the Solution

SiTex Platform is an instrumental digital platform for integrated solution of information management tasks.

SiTex Platform allows creating a unified information environment, helps organizations and authorities minimize expenses on the development and service of the software part of the IT infrastructure. It is possible to develop the system step by step depending on the current requirements.

How does the system of public services work?
Solutions for the Public Services Provision in Electronic Form

E-government solutions provide public authorities with the necessary tools to effectively manage the processes of providing public services electronically.

Regional system of interdepartmental electronic interaction and provision of state and municipal services

  • Interagency electronic interaction.
  • State and municipal services portals.
  • Transfer of public services in electronic form.
  • The system of services quality monitoring.
  • Department systems and service providers’ portals integration.

Multifunctional Center of State and Municipal Services

  • Reception of citizens on the provision of public services.
  • Decision support subsystem, reducing the qualification requirements for the operator.
  • Reporting and statistics.
  • System for monitoring the quality of services.

Automation of control and supervisory activities

  • Inspector's workstation: carrying out the whole cycle of control and supervisory activities.
  • Methodologist workstation: creating and editing control types and processes in the system without knowledge of programming.
  • Administrator's workstation: administrating the system in the cloud.
  • Possibility of cloud implementation of projects at the regional level.
  • Microservice architecture.

Electronic social registers of the population

  • Reception of citizens on the provision of social support measures.
  • Decision support subsystem.
  • Accruals and payments to small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Integration with the system of interagency electronic interaction.

Custom solutions and development of digital platforms

  • Creation of concepts and draft regulations.
  • Development of custom department high-loaded information systems.
  • Work as a "laboratory" for major federal projects.
Key Projects