Retail & Distribution

Retail as an industry is constantly in the process of transformation, and innovative technologies are actively being introduced. The GCS portfolio includes advanced solutions for effective management of internal processes, end-user systems, logistics optimization, forecasting using big data, increasing efficiency through the use of artificial intelligence.

Key Solutions

Customer relationship management and contact centers

  • Omnichannel contact centers.
  • Customer Journey Management Solution.
  • Integration with CRM systems.
  • Recording and QoS systems, speech analytics and voice biometrics systems.
  • Chatbots, voice assistants and artificial intelligence.
  • Automation of customer service in branches and outlets
  • Digital Signage, video kiosks and remote service.

Video monitoring of chain stores

  • Video monitoring system, with territorial distribution of objects and low-speed communication channels.
  • Provision of convenient audio and video monitoring in real time.
  • Control of the main business processes of the network branches.

The solution based on InOne. Unified Video Monitoring System. Read more

Video analytics in the salesroom

  • Control of basic business processes: control of goods layout, staff communication with customers, control of office space, including the acceptance of goods.
  • Control of marketing activities.
  • Control over compliance with franchise conditions.
  • Supervision of security in the store: online control of sales area by security service (SS), SS duties in the sales area, conflict situations solution.
  • Control of the general environment of the store (cleanliness, music accompaniment).

Monitoring of equipment operation

  • Monitoring of serviceability and operational parameters/characteristics of the equipment.
  • Automatic notification of responsible persons in case of equipment malfunction.
  • Automatic correction of the set parameters of the equipment operation.
  • Control of service organizations when performing maintenance or repair of equipment.

The solution based on InOne. Equipment monitoring. Read more

Logistics process and delivery service analytics

  • Analysis of the logistics cycle from order placement to delivery to the end consumer.
  • Analysis of the completeness of the terms of delivery.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the warehouse.
  • Analysis of the loading of its own fleet of vehicles.
  • Analysis of losses of goods during delivery, losses in the warehouse.

The solutions based on Triafly BI platform. Read more

RFID inventory and inventory control

  • Operational monitoring of the availability of goods on the shelves.
  • Collection of statistics to determine popular items.
  • Cash register control and theft protection.
  • Additional product parameters can be written into the RFID tag's memory or existing parameters can be changed.

The solutions based on RFID technologies. Read more