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RFID Solutions

About the Solution

RFID technology is a method of automatic objects identification in which data stored in RFID tags is recorded and read by radio signals. The tags are available in various sizes and can be attached to objects ranging from jewelry to large-scale mining equipment.

  • Full cycle of competences in RFID: from the element base development to implementation and maintenance of ready-made solutions.
  • In-house factory for the production of RFID tags and equipment in the Leningrad region.

About the developer company RST-Invent 

Application Fields

RFID solutions are successfully used in industries that require movement tracking of objects, intelligent automation solutions, ability to work in harsh environments, error-free, speed and reliability.

  • Energy.
  • Banking.
  • Health care.
  • Education.
  • Logistics.
  • Fashion retail.
  • Industry.
Application of RFID technology in medicine
Solution Functions


  • Fast accounting, elimination of loss, theft and human factor.
  • Optimization of time for transfer/release of labeled objects.

Industrial safety

  • Control of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Collision and hit-and-run prevention system at industrial facilities.

RFID marking of goods

  • Mandatory product marking and inclusion in a single system of product marking in the EEU.
  • Control of the medicines and branded products authenticity.

Industrial automation

  • Control of conveyors production cycles (downtime costs optimization).
  • Monitoring of actual production times and personalization of operations.

Vehicle marking

  • Entry-Exit Automation System.
  • Monitoring of cashier's activity from any camera of cash desks or customer areas: quick access to broadcasts from any camera or video recorders archives in bank branches, video fragments and detailed captions export for further study. It can be used with low-speed communication channels.
Goods marking for light industry
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