Competencies & Solutions

Integrated Security Systems

Ensuring integrated security and anti-terrorist security of territories and facilities in key sectors of the economy. High level of expertise, wide solution portfolio, constant creation and development of innovative security products allow the Group employees to implement complex and challenging projects in the field of integrated security systems.

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Key Competencies
  • Access control and management systems (ACS).
  • Video surveillance systems with intelligent video analytics.
  • Integrated perimeter security systems.
  • Fire protection systems.
  • Situation centers.
  • Local positioning systems.
  • Inspection systems and facilities.
Industry Solutions

Safety of public places

Expertise based on 10 years of experience in designing and implementing security systems in public places.

  • Simulation and management of visitor flows.
  • Integrated facility security infrastructure.
  • Visitor identification systems.
  • Security of cultural objects.

Safety of industrial facilities

From the implementation of autonomous security systems to their integration into a unified integrated facility security system.

  • Process control: intelligent video monitoring, RFID accounting and control, product quality control, warehouse and logistics control, analytics.
  • Economic security: creation of transport and pedestrian checkpoints, inspection systems, accounting of vehicle and employee movement by control points inside the perimeter, video analytics.
  • Industrial safety and labor protection: automatic RFID system for monitoring the personal protective equipment (PPE), industrial safety monitoring systems.
GCS. Safety Systems in Industry

Smart and safe areas and buildings

Safety that is not conspicuous is an additional factor in increasing people's comfort.

  • Situational public order monitoring, integration of an unlimited number of sensors and video cameras, video analytics.
  • Ensuring the security of residential neighborhoods.
  • Safe and smart buildings: integration of all engineering systems within a single information infrastructure of a smart building.

Transportation Security

A full range of services from design to implementation and support of intelligent security systems of airports, subways, rail and bus stations.

  • Ensuring security and anti-terrorist protection of the facility.
  • Security systems and inspection equipment.
  • Building joint situational centers with incident response.
  • Information security.