Finance, Insurance & Banking

The key issues in this industry are ensuring continuous service delivery, data management, use of smart technologies, and digitalization of customer service channels, despite the high technological development of banks, financial and insurance companies. GCS has extensive expertise in building reliable and fault-tolerant infrastructure and implementing digital technologies in branch networks. GCS also has highly specialized solutions to support key operations of financial organizations.

Key Solutions

Analytics and decision support

  • Investment projects management, evaluation and monitoring.
  • Collection, consolidation and storage of payment system information.
  • Losses assessment for different stress scenarios.
  • Maintain and manage client files.
  • Organizational structures audit and data versioning review.

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Contact centers - effective communication with customers

  • Omnichannel contact centers.
  • Customer Journey Management Solution.
  • Integration with CRM systems.
  • Recording and QoS systems, speech analytics and voice biometrics systems.
  • Chatbots, voice assistants and artificial intelligence.
  • Automation of customer service in branches and outlets.
  • Digital Signage, video kiosks and remote service.

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InOne. Monitoring of cash operations and cashiers' activities - a single monitoring center for geographically distributed branch network

  • Reliable control of all operations with banknotes.
  • Control of the operation status of each counting and sorting machine.
  • Control of regulations of operations.
  • Control of staff communications with customers.
  • Instant incident response and notification.
  • Adaptation for operation with low-bandwidth communication channels.

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Cyber security

  • Information Security in the Payment System.
  • Protection of personal data.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the Standard of the Bank of Russia.
  • Payment card data protection.
  • Data center protection.
  • Information system security audit.
  • Audit of network threats.

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Safe and smart bank buildings

  • Automation of access control and creation of different levels of access to areas inside the facility, integration with smart elevators.
  • Automation and control of vehicle access.
  • Automated supervisory control systems of building management systems (BMS).

RFID solutions in encashment

  • Automation of receipt/transfer and movement of valuables and people in cash collection centers (CCC) in full compliance with the requirements of the Bank of Russia.
  • RFID tracking of the cash collection bags movement.
  • RFID identification of ATM cash cassettes for banknotes.
  • RFID accounting of cash messengers' attachments.

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