Industry and Manufacturing

Digital technologies enable industrial enterprises to perform all their tasks and actively develop in the era of Industry 4.0. GCS solutions ensure a high level of control over all processes in production - from raw material supply, technological production to finished product logistics, reduce costs, increase safety and uninterrupted operation of enterprise infrastructure.

Key Solutions

Smart manufacturing

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
  • Cyber security of critical information infrastructure.
  • Robotics.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES-systems).
  • Monitoring of equipment operation and environmental monitoring.
  • Predictive analytics.
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID technology).
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR).
  • Digital Twin.
  • 3D Laser Scanning.
  • Engineering Systems Monitoring.

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Situation-analytical center for the enterprise functioning

  • Analysis of production losses and scrap.
  • Analysis of the production line effectiveness.
  • Analysis of the loading of production personnel.
  • Analysis of resources sufficiency according to the production plan.

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Process monitoring

  • Video monitoring and video analytics of technological processes and personnel actions.
  • RFID monitoring of process equipment, including its movement, tools and materials.
  • Control of raw materials and materials going into production.
  • Quality control of finished products.

Energy saving and energy efficiency of enterprises

  • Conducting energy surveys.
  • Conducting a technical audit.
  • Development of energy saving programs.
  • Development of electronic models of gas, electricity, heat, water and wastewater systems.
  • Implementing energy-saving technologies.

Integrated security systems

  • CCTV systems with intelligent video analytics
  • Situational (command) and analytical security center.
  • Access control and management system.
  • Special security systems.
  • Information (cyber) security.
  • Industrial safety on the basis of local positioning means.
  • Security lighting systems.
  • Security alarm system (SOTS).
  • Physical protection systems.

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Industrial facility security

Health, safety and environmental protection

  • Automatic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Control (based on RFID technology and video analytics)
  • Control of bringing prohibited items into production.
  • Local positioning of employees.
  • Monitoring of time of performance of especially dangerous operations.
  • Automatic alcohol testing.
  • Change of ACS operating algorithms depending on safety level.
  • Control over observance of safety regulations.

Digitalization of logistics processes and warehouses

  • Real-time supply chain management (using web access).
  • Optimization of outbound and inbound logistics.
  • Automation of the warehouse network business processes
  • Warehouse access control and management system.
  • Navigation of intra-warehouse transport equipment.
  • Analysis of the logistics cycle, the efficiency of the warehouse, the loading of its own fleet of vehicles.

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