Mass Events

GCS implements fail-safe solutions in the preparation of international events. The accumulated experience allows the experts to achieve the objectives set by the customer in a very short time when the quality of the event determines the prestige of the country in the international arena.

Key Solutions
  • Expert consulting to ensure security of mass events
  • Engineering expertise (assessment) of technical equipment and security systems of places (objects) of mass stay of people and holding of mass events
  • Development of threat models and concepts for ensuring security at public events
  • Expert assessment of technical specifications and design documentation of integrated facility security systems Development of regulations on the use of special technical means and the holding of mass events
  • Development of regulations for the use of special technical means and systems in terms of counteracting the current threats
  • Expert support of the project documentation approval by the relevant authorities.
  • Development of integration models and control over integration of security means (systems)
  • Technical support of implemented security products and solutions
  • Training in security
  • Preparation of proposals for amendments to the effective legislation of the Russian Federation in order to increase the efficiency of security measures at public events

Implementation of security systems for places (objects) of mass events

  • Capital and rapidly erecting temporary security perimeters
  • Human and vehicle checkpoints with highly effective special screening equipment
  • Temporary storage cameras for visitors' personal belongings that are prohibited to bring to the event
  • Television and video surveillance system with intelligent video analytics
  • Access Control and Management System (ACMS)
  • Alarm and alarm system
  • Special technical means of security (including detectors of acoustic and electromagnetic fields, radioelectronic devices interlocks, antiUAV systems, threat localizers, etc.)
  • Information security system
  • Remote cargo inspection stations (logpoints)
  • Security situation centers

Information and communication infrastructure

  • Ensuring uninterrupted operation of the unified information and communication infrastructure of the event
  • Creation of backbone, wireline and wireless data transfer networks
  • System of operational technical support and operation of integration solutions

Visitor identification and verification systems

  • The system of identification of visitors to a mass event (including verification for inclusion in the Blacklist, including the list of wanted criminals)
  • Visitor verification system

Expertise in the field of transport planning of mass events

  • Survey and determination of planning and transport and operational characteristics of the street and road network and transport infrastructure facilities
  • Assessment of design solutions for traffic management
  • Analysis of the background load on the street and road network
  • Assessment of the carrying capacity of elements of the transport infrastructure;
  • Forecasting of transport demand
  • Modelling of transport and pedestrian flows
  • Development of traffic organization schemes and the transport service plan
  • Coordination of the transport service plan and traffic management schemes with all interested organizations

Simulation and management of visitor flows

  • Analysis of the current situation on the territory of facilities (in places of mass stay)
  • Modeling the flow of people when filling the venues for public events, identifying vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of the venues,
  • Drawing up recommendations for distributing the load on facility infrastructure elements
  • Development of solutions to optimize the control of human flows and improve the efficiency of their management