Fuel and Energy Complex

Active digital transformation of the industry made it possible to form in the Group an independent center of competence to optimize technological processes of the entire production cycle of enterprises, to introduce unmanned production technologies, as well as to improve the management efficiency of energy enterprises as a whole.

Key Solutions

Automation and construction in the electric power industry

  • Automated dispatch control system / Grid control center.
  • Automated system of electric power technical record-keeping / Automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption.
  • SCADA.
  • Remote control systems.

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Automation and construction in the oil and gas complex

  • Construction and comprehensive reconstruction of oil depots and warehouses of oil and petroleum products.
  • Reconstruction and construction of filling stations.
  • Process Control System for reception, storage, control and shipment of petroleum products.
  • Automated loading system for petroleum products.
  • Automated complex of guaranteed fuel delivery.
  • Emergency protection system.

Management of energy transmission and distribution services

  • Optimization of supplies, control of energy losses during transportation and distribution.
  • Creation of an integrated information system for energy transportation and sales management, covering all business processes of the enterprise.
  • Work with smart devices/instruments and integration with systems of commercial and technical accounting of energy.
  • Preparation of regulatory and statistical reporting to superior organizations and regulatory bodies of executive power.
  • A flexible mechanism for generating operational and analytical reporting.

Energy saving and energy efficiency in the energy sector

  • Conducting energy surveys.
  • Conducting an energy and environmental survey for compliance with the best available technologies (BAT).
  • Development of energy saving programs.
  • Development of electronic models of gas, electricity, heat, water and wastewater systems.
  • Implementing energy-saving technologies.

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IoT technologies – inventory, equipment monitoring, support and maintenance

  • Equipment operation control: integration of data from different devices in various formats into InOne IoT Platform, unification of data and preparing it for further analysis in BI or ERP systems.
  • Monitoring the operation status of the entire fleet of equipment, prompt response to emergencies and malfunctions.
  • Automated RFID infrastructure asset management system: accounting and inventory of power grid, oil and gas equipment.
  • Real-time monitoring of maintenance and repair activities.

Security of fuel and energy facilities

  • Video monitoring for geographically distributed objects with intelligent video analytics.
  • Real-time monitoring of enterprise activities and automatic incident detection.
  • Control over availability and comprehensiveness of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Ensuring anti-terrorist protection of FEC facilities.
  • Special security systems.
  • Physical protection systems.

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Development of command control centers

  • Support for operational management decision-making.
  • МModeling the situations, assessment of different solutions.
  • Comprehensive information support for the company's management.
  • Quality control of the technological and production process, effective feedback when key indicators go beyond the standards.

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